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La fundación Start informa que da por concluido el proyecto Venus (también conocido como proyectoV) luego de más de seis años de múltiples y fructíferas actividades.

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Show de My Juliette en Londres E-mail
Tuesday, 28 November 2006, por Anatole ·
Inicio: Thu, 30 de November de 2006, 07:00
Fin: Fri, 01 de December de 2006, 00:00
Por si alguien está en Londres en estos días...


My Juliette has now finished their debut EP 'Crying Ocean' which is due to be released in December through Pink Onion Records. The 6 track eclectic masterpiece has already surprised the london music scene with its barroque and raw intensity. The Buzz is growing fast and to celebrate this moment the band has been invited to headline a very special party in east London. The private art event will include fine art, photography, music, film, animation, poetry and more. Expect a great performance and loads of fun and what's better, the party is FREE for everyone (invite only). So please send us your names quickly to avoid disappointment as we expect full house!

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